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About the Author

Last updated Oct 27th 2020             

            Hello to the curious, as you can probably guess my name is Joseph (or Joe should you prefer). I have a passion for many things including philosophy, activism against violence and corruption. In my time I consult with a variety of individuals and businesses, my decision to expand my operations from just a personal level to a global professional level has opened many new doors. I truly live with a freedom and excitement most people don’t have the opportunity to have day in and day out, and I want to share my success with everyone.

In my personal time I love to mediate, heal, grow with my community, and write in a few capacities including original music and a fictional novel about what I think society may look like in about 40,000 years. In the book you follow a cool archaeologist type as you explore outer space and where and what humanity may face one day as we draw ever closer to intergalactic travel.


I also love being outside, I typically go on 2 hikes a week depending on the weather and this is great for me too because I get to share my walks with friends, colleagues, associates and the general public. I will rarely turn down the chance to play some hockey, or an affordable round of golf. I also grew up with video games, but as I mature I find myself with my interests pulling me towards improving my awareness as well as wellness research rather than the games.

Short history: When I was young I had a much different life growing up than most, I was adopted with a low functioning autistic brother named Steven. So even when I was the little brother, I was unable to receive the attention that a toddler would normally get. To compensate for that I started volunteering at South Simcoe Railway in Tottenham from the age of 3 until it was determined to be unsafe when I was 9. (Because shovelling coal into a steam engine is safe at 4 but not 8 lol). Typically redundant when one speaks of oneself, but I would suggest I was born into the position of someone who needed to be a critical thinker, and so a critical thinker I became.

 After starting life having most of my earliest friends between 5 and 7 decades older than myself, I seemed quite shy at school. By the time I was 11 I was already deep into the internet world of culture and by 12 I was having severe disconnects with my parents and society. I needed better and when I couldn’t find it, I decided I had no choice but to build it. At 12 years of age I made a lot of goals and plans for my future, the fruits are now abundant in my biography. By the time I was in grade 10 I had grown a long way from the small quiet person some may have believed me to be, to the loud mouth man you know today.

From the age of 18 to 25 I acquired 2 diplomas and got my foot of experience into many different industries and work roles, meanwhile I had a history of severe depression which went up and down throughout my pre high school days well into my adult life. As an empath I understand that a lot of this pain had more to do with my families and community than myself, but as they say. Like father, like son. Now as we are looking to close out 2020 I have my mind and energy in many projects of business, philanthropy and spiritual evolution for the human race. Should someone be in need, I am happy to aid them, and I do this in the intent that children don’t have to grow up in the mess I was exposed to with the quantity of pain I have had to transmute.

In my long run I still hope to finish my book, it’s probably around a third done, produce an album or two, do some touring, create a charitable community on cheap land, and have a wonderful family. If everything goes to plan, I will stay away from politics, but as you might have noticed by now. I am not one who is good at avoiding problems.

Thanks for pondering through this about the author page, to be honest I would rather be talking about you though.




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