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              Hello to the curious, as you can probably guess my name is Joe. I have a passion for activism against violence and corruption. In my time I consult with a variety of individuals and businesses, my recent decision to expand my operations from just a personal level to a professional level has opened many new doors. I truly live with a freedom and excitement most people don’t have the opportunity to have day in and day out.

In my personal time I love to write in a few capacities including original music and a fictional novel about what I think society may look like in about 40,000 years. In the book you follow a cool archeologist type as you explore outer space and where and what humanity may face one day as we draw ever closer to intergalactic travel.

I also of course love making music; I assure you I am still young on the skill tree of a musician’s life. But with about a set list of 10-20 songs the good times keep rolling. I own a total of 7 guitars at the moment if we include my tour quality bass guitar, 4 acoustics, an electric Epiphone Nighthawk (which is amazing) and a keytar.

I also love being outside, I typically go on 2 hikes a week depending on the weather. I will rarely turn down the chance to play some hockey, or an affordable round of golf. I also grew up with video games, but as I mature I find myself with my interests pulling me towards improving my cooking awareness as well as wellness research rather than the games.

Short history: When I was young I had a much different life growing up than most, I was adopted with a low functioning autistic brother named Steven. So even when I was the little brother, I was unable to receive the attention that a toddler would normally get. To compensate for that I started volunteering at South Simcoe Railway in Tottenham from the age of 3 until it was determined to be unsafe when I was 9. (Because shoveling coal into a steam engine is safe at 5 but not 8 lol). Typically redundant when one speaks of oneself, but I would suggest I was born into the position of someone who needed to be a critical thinker, and so a critical thinker I became. After starting life having most of my earliest friends between 5 and 7 decades older than myself, I seemed quite shy at school. But by the time I was in grade 10 I  finally grew from the small quiet person, to the loud mouth man you know today.

In my long run I still hope to finish my book, it’s probably around a third done, produce an album or two, do some touring, create a charitable community on cheap land, and have a wonderful family. If everything goes to plan, I will stay away from politics, but as you might have noticed by now. I am not one who is good at avoiding problems.

Thanks for pondering through this about the author page, to be honest I would rather be talking about you though.




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