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Loving Society

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Last updated April 4th 2022
Version .98
A loving Society 1 page Project Summary Produced Nov 2022
Items of Concern
Current rough figures
Desired figure

Starvation related deaths 


Human Trafficking estimations

Victims of War most of which were innocent women and children.


Government debt

Personal debt compared to GDP

Infant Mortality rate

Child workers

Global Military Budget

9Mil a year

40 Mil

50,000 a year

100,000 a year

69 trillion

50 to 100 percent in most of the first world

Roughly 5 percent (how and why)

200 Million

1.8 Trillion

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More Ways to Contribute

This project needs more conscious individuals to read, share, discuss and develop these ideas. 

We could benefit from dedicated editors, marketers, media people, personalities. 

We could benefit from financial contributions to help in a variety of transparent ways to be discussed or directed by those interested in contributing in this manner

The final message, you are loved and one day no one will ever need to question if they are loved again! Love for all!

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