Open Cover letter

                Hello, if you have made your way here the chances are I have handed you my business card and asked for you to look at my resume. I appreciate your curiosity, like you my interest for the new outweighed my patience for old inefficiencies.  Acquiring work on a vertical career model also never seemed all that interesting to me. With this in mind I set out from the time I was young to discover the best industries and the best jobs within those industries. This travel through accounting, sales, marketing, logistics, manufacturing, hospitality, food service and retail has allowed me to determined that the best jobs are the ones with the greatest work diversity and unlimited potential. An idea is one such thing with unlimited potential, I am another, and you are a third. Amongst my time working through these jobs I got a few modest raises, some success recognition and two diplomas. One of these diplomas is in Accounting and the second in Hospitality Management, both further adding to my awareness of all things business. Cost efficiency and customer service benchmarked current market leaders.  


  Now if my experience does not interest you, let me give you a small hint into my vision of the future. In my version of societies future individuals will work towards identifying all the best practices through real world experience, and then offer all of the best ideas to other people for free. It is my hope to bring your business up; as opposed to setting up a rival business across the street that makes us all less successful. The truth is that the world only has so many resources, and consumers only need so much stuff. Soon a point will be reached where people will realise that we no longer need new things, and will adapt to these market changes. In the mean time, please think about what my long term diligence with my own goals can do when I apply this same seriousness to your wants and needs.



  In closing I want it to be made clear I am nothing but another man with a big heart, a hard work ethic, a serious mind, and a relentless desire to make your day. Please let me show you how I can make your world a little brighter, while you make my world a little brighter.

My Resume

Joseph T. McDonald

Angus, Ontario, L0M 1B4 (416) 998-5037



  • Able to effectively plan and manage time, money and other resources to achieve goals.

  • Proven to take responsibilities beyond job requirements to exceed projected returns.

  • Effectively able to use a variety of software including Simply accounting, Excel, PowerPoint, Word processors, SAP, Epitome and other Inventory management systems.​



May 2017 - Present Joe Company Consulting 



Sept 2017 - Present Junk Butlers                              Collingwood, ON


  • Maintaining logistics planning and execution to assure work is completed safely and on schedule

  • Providing a variety of general moving, cleaning and handyman duties including junk removal


December 2016 – April 2017 Beaver Tails                  Blue Mountain, ON



  • Maintaining flex variable consumer demand, inventory control, scheduling variance, and quality control implements.

  • Developing young talent enabling employees to grow their skill sets, while aligning their growth with the success of the business.



April 2016 – October 2016 Cranberry Golf Resort            Collingwood, ON

Front Desk Agent


  • Assisting guests with their accommodation requests through active listening and forecasting.

  • This job required great multitasking skills, communication skills and organisation skills.



October 2015 – April 2016 Georgian Dining Room Server              Barrie, ON

Dining Room Server


  • Planning, organising and executing specific goals to create the finest dining room experiences possible.

  • This includes fine dining for banquets and plated services. 



January 2015-November 2015 Angus Borden Music                        Angus, ON

Assistant Store Manager


  • Responsible for sales, inventory control, scheduling music lessons, assessments, store cleanliness, maintenance, repairs, basic accounting functions, and opening and closing the shop.

  • Additional projects conducted sporadically, such as marketing programs, generating website content and web based buying and selling.



May 2013-June 2014 Husky Injection Molding Systems                   Bolton, ON

Material Handler


  • Physically moving inventory as required on and off trucks and shelves as well as active inventory control adjustments.

  • Operating a fork lift, overhead crane, and other miscellaneous shipping/receiving equipment



 January 2012-May, September-December 2012

 York District Catholic School Board                                                Aurora, ON

 Accounting Student


  • Data entry, batching and filing

  • Miscellaneous tasks including assisting with a large internal audit



July 2011-May 2012    Swish Maintenance                                   Barrie, ON

Clean It Center Sales Associate


  • Selling cleaning supplies as well as maintenance equipment

  • Cleaning, locating stock from warehouse and stocking, ordering large quantities of merchandise for large accounts, assisting the public with cleaning information




2010-2012, 2015-2016    Georgian College                          Barrie, ON                                         

  • 2-Year Business – Accounting Diploma Program           

  • 2-Year Hospitality – Hospitality Management     




     Safetech - Forklift, Drexel, and overhand crane license 2013     Bolton, ON

     G Driver’s License 2011                                                           Barrie, ON

     Smart serve certificate 2015                                                     Angus, ON

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