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Things any provider hopes to never need to know

Any long term settlement would want independence as the world recovers after the pending pole shift, below you will find some of my basic building ideas related to your future prosperity with or without electricity.


Clay ovens

Clay ovens can be constructed using a variety of methods that don’t cost you any money, and can be easily utilised on property to contribute to heat and the cooking of food as well as the production of bread. Using a basic understanding of convection, the idea is to trap heat or create a variable release valve to maintain appropriately high temperatures. All someone needs is access to dirt and clay, now I have watched a few videos online on the subject, and it seems 2 parts dirt to clay is a basic formula, this is because the clay alone would be vulnerable to cracking after the loss of moisture.

What’s the different between an oven and a smelting furnace? Temperature!

Below you will find a great video about making an old school oven and a channel about very earthy skills.


Compost bins in addition to earth worm beds

Most urban centres revoke the necessity for compost produced at home with a centrally located distribution centre. This keeps the work away from regular people, but also leaves residents in the dark about the elements being introduced into the fertiliser the city produces. However this is not always the case and will not always be the case, taking a bit of time to construct a compost in addition to a worm bed is a great way to assure you always have fertiliser, worms for fishing in addition to back up protein. Worms might not sound like good eats, but minced on a pan they end up far closer to tasting like beef than most would be able to acknowledge right now.  Construction and maintenance of a worm bin is easy enough as worms just need to be kept in dirt, moderately wet and with lots of stuff to eat. Lucky for us worms eat pretty much anything that makes its way into soil, decaying matter from your compost bin works, in addition to news paper, cardboard, and other commonly disposed of items.















Rodent traps

As food gets harder to come by, the acquisition of food will be tough enough before we have to consider protecting it. What are we protecting it from, flooding, structural damage, moisture, fungi, mold, rodents and other hungry people. The rodent traps may not stop people but traps could be used for a variety of things in a world with new problems. Stopping mice, squirrels and other furry friends from taking down your gardens and stealing your yields will be a great step towards your longevity. Below you will find some basic designs. In addition to these, keep in mind basic engineering concepts.

A well/pond

A well or even a pond could be a fantastic way to assure that you have water to provide for your family and community. The first element is picking a good location; a natural reservoir is a key indicator of future success for your well or pond. In your community you likely have drain run offs. These run offs can assure the displacement of water from your neighbourhood and could cause dangerous accessibility circumstances in highly developed urban subdivisions. Utilising water runoffs into either a pond or a well could be the difference between having one of humanities greatest resources and needing to leave your home or community to find water.











Cool, dry rooms as well as food preservation practices

In the times before fridges the preservation of meats was commonly done with a few basic principles, keep it dry and keep it cool. “There are two ways to salt-cure meat. In both cases, the flavor from the cure is derived from salt and whatever other flavors are added to the curing mixture such as sugars (honey or brown) and spices (pepper, rosemary, bay leaves). Sodium nitrate can be found in all kinds of leafy green vegetables and can be added to your salt mixture in the form of celery juice, ground spinach or pink salt (curing salt #1, which is 7 percent sodium nitrate). Sodium nitrate is useful for warding off botulism which is one of the worst kinds of bacteria found in food.

Another method for meats is smoking the meat which if done correctly creates a barrier between the meat and foreign organisms. “Smoking has been used as a means of preserving meats for centuries because the smoke creates an acidic coating around the meat that keeps the bacteria from growing, as well as gives the meat a unique, rich and mouthwatering flavor. Smoking also helps to dehydrate the meat, again changing the environment within the meat so that it is less hospitable for bacteria to thrive in. Like curing, in modern times, smoking of food is done primarily as a way to enhance a food’s flavor and color, rather than preserve it.”


Ram pumps

Ram pumps can be constructed to allow for the movement of water up a hill in opposition to gravity. This basic pressure pump uses water momentum to trap pressure in a chamber upon the closing of a runoff valve. This forces all the water that is trying to escape up the hill rather than backwards on itself.
















The production of goods has all but been obliterated in the corporate aspects of Canada’s GDP. This service based economy really opens up windows in the long run for the value of small family run businesses. The production of important things like food will open up long term community development opportunities like candles, and other farther ranging necessities eventually leading us back into the luxuries as we have today. In the mean time it would be to the benefit of everyone that people assure the production of food locally, this includes safe water security. I understand that climate change makes growing food especially difficult with the less than easy going weather lately, but soon enough the world will readjust again. When it does, any electricians who can produce, engineers, machine people will be at a great advantage. In the time prior to the pole shift, it would be a good time to evaluate your skills and how you can use those skills to become a leader. There will be many in the ageing population that will be devastated by any natural disasters; it is our responsibility to pick up the pieces and assure our success in addition the success of our children’s generations.


Thank you for your time and consideration, I hope you learned something useful here today :)



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