The 28 path Lotus Sutra Sanctuary Constitution

1. Respect thyself with the highest possible standard of awareness and execution.

2. Respect all as though they are brothers and sisters until said time where they have proven uncooperative in the goal of a better world.

3. Respect people’s beliefs including those related to God, the lord Jesus, or any other representation of spiritual beings, angels, other dimensional beings and so forth.

4. Ask good questions, and befriend those who disagree in the hope to bridge greater understandings.

5. Offer help and ask for it as though you’re talking to an equal.

6. Use violence only on fair terms of engagement as understood by both parties.

7. Kill plants and animals only out of need.

8. Find freedom from ignorance and poor excuses.

9. Treat the world equal or greater than you have been treated.

10. Love thyself and all those who have come together to make a better world.

Lotus Constitution

Welcome to the Lotus Sanctuary Constitution. The Sanctuary remains in the future, but the foundation is being laid now. This Constitution is the foundation for futur

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