Climate update

This is a personal update on climate progression as I have known it, called it and followed it thus far. In previous articles that can be found on my website, I said that space weather was the cause of climate progression and that rising sea levels would continue to push people inland from low laying areas near water. It has been roughly two years since posts talking about this phenomenon and I hold true to my comprehension of influencing variables.

What I have been proven wrong about was my high alert time line. I don’t mind admitting this because it could suggest the event will happen more gradually than previously expected, or perhaps magically be avoided all together.

What we can still see though was the 3 major indicating factors that allowed for the alarm to be set off are all still active.

One, extreme variance is the Schuman resonance. The Earth is being inundated by electromagnetic frequencies abnormal to the standardised or normal frequency of the relationship between earth and its neighbours. This affects the human body much more intimately than most people realise. As further explained in the following links, in short we are electromagnetic beings and any variance in the core of the earth’s electromagnetic field affects our mind and body.

Two, extreme geological activity

According to this website below over 200 magnitude 6 or more earth quakes have occurred since the start of 2018. That is nearly a major earth quake every two days.

We can sit confortabliy and say, these are normal figures and the earth is under no greater pressure than it was 50 years ago. We just didn’t have the monitoring capabilities back then. You may be correct; however the first figure a long with more extreme weather in more obscure times and places. Truly indicates things have been changing, and will continue to change. Even locally we have Lake Ontario at its highest point on record. I even took photos of flooding into Toronto on a recent trip into the city.

Further evidence with the water is look at Georgian Bay swell too. Wasaga Beach used to have a large beach front; do you expect that to just come back? Or would it be easier to bet on the trend of raising water levels to continue until it reaches its peak. I would say follow the trend. The water will keep rising, when will it stop is hard to know. But we would be foolish to assume our water front properties won’t be affected and if this occurs in conjunction with a Carrington event. Only the wise and willful will have a high chance of survival.

The third and last point I want to make and still the most personal in conjunction with the Schumann resonance is the appearance of the sun, its light distribution and the sky. The sun is a giant gaseous ball forced together in space, this force makes it symmetrical. Therefore its light distribution should also be symmetrical. I have observed the sun many times using a variety of methods and for years since the anomalies I have been watching became obvious.

Throughout this time the sun has remained burdened by an amplifier or another influencing variable.

One easy wash your hands theory could be the sun simulator, or the particles being dumped by chemtrail planes.

However this does not explain the Schumann resonance. So what about Harp and other weather mortification technology in use today? Is it project Blue Beam or is it those in the know taking advantage of something they know will occur without our ability to stop it?

I will as usual leave the conclusion with you the individual. However, I would recommend educating yourself on what and how to proceed if the worst happens. We are all wonderful stories of love; I hope we can continue being our best regardless of how the world spins our future.

Many blessings, leave a comment and share as you desire. I appreciate your opinions.

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