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Lotus Constitution,             Dec 01 A#20,
Future settlement, Future perspectives, Respect, Freedom, Integrity 
Porto Rico Recovery            Nov A#19
Worst Hurricane Season on Record, Hurricane Maria, Post Devastation, Tesla, Sustainability 
Federal Debt Planning, and the argument for a Militia
Oct A#18
Federal Debt, Public Debt, Economics, Finances, Military Spending, Military Industrial Complex 
Tea Talk                                 Oct A#17
Learn about some truly incredible apothecary teachings, with some of the best healing herbs known today
The Ideal Family                    Sep A#16
Some basic theories related to the development of family and the outcomes of different family types. 
Soy Talk                                Sept A#15
Learn about Soy, why it's in all your food and the potential drawbacks of the 5 billion dollar industry. 
J&CC Business Plan              Aug A#14               An honest plan for honest change
Accounting for Broke           July A#13
All things global economics and future sustainability  
Things any provider should know
July A#12
Some basic elements for prosperity in a future without easy phone call solutions 
The Future of Ontario's Landscape 
July A#11

Below you will find Archived posts

Topics related to the sub conscious mind, topics on climate change, surviving natural disasters, how to make a home garden,topics related to economics, community building, the concepts of original thoughts and much more coming soon. Stay well 

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